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By Joe Myers

Level: May 17th 2007
If you want people to visit your site you have to make sure that it is present in the search engines, submitted to the big directories, and that you generate some link exchange traffic. But you should also take into consideration viral marketing.

Viral marketing means using different ways to get people to refer your site to other people. This is very important because it is the most powerful technique for getting visitors.

This is familiar phenomenon in the real world: you know a great doctor or a great mechanic and when they are not available, you ask them to send you to one of their doctor or mechanic friends. You trust the people they have recommended because you trust them.

That's why your website must contain a "tell-a-friend" form. Tell-a-friend is offering the people who visit your site a simple way to send your web site URL to their friends. This means including a link to a page with a form or including the form directly on your pages.

You should use this feature on each of your pages, because it is very important. These are one of the best sites that use a tell-a-friend form:

- sitegadgets.com/

- dtp-aus.com

A tell-a-friend script accepts your e-mail address and the e-mail address of a friend. Once you have entered the information, your friend will receive an e-mail which states that you have recommended the site for him/her.

This is very important: a person recommends a site to a person who knows him; being friends that person will visit the website. The better scripts allow you to introduce more e-mail address, the name of the receiver, and a brief comment.

There are scripts which send you an e-mail when someone has recommended your site. It will in your benefit if you introduce this script on every page of your website, because it will make it easier for someone to recommend your site to one of his/hers friends.

These scripts don’t increase the traffic to your site too much, but they provide your site with quality traffic. Usually when someone receives a referral he will stay longer on the website and it is most likely that he will buy something.
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