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By Ellen Smith

Level: Jun 27th 2007
Being self-employed it's an exciting adventure. After you have chosen to
be self-employed, it's time to let everybody know about your soon-to-be
successful company by promoting your home business. Hiring a marketing
or public relations firm is an easy option but since you're at the
beginning you may not be able to afford it.

In these circumstances, you should start a web site to upgrade different
media ways to get the word out about your home business. There are many
working freelances out there who would happily do this for you but they
will for sure charge you for this. Though, this is not really necessary
if you have basic computer skills. You can easily search for web sites
that offer advice and comprehensive information.

This way you can learn step-by-step how to create a web site for your
home business. If you simply wish to advertise your business you can use
the information you find on free sites. Of course that a free site might
not offer all the flourishes of a paid-for one but it doesn't matter so
much because other features, graphics and designs can be put in once the
money start rolling in and you have extra cash to spend on creating an
outstanding site.

Very useful instruments, especially used in advertising an existent site
are the search engines and web directories.

Using banners as a method of promotion is another instrument used in the
on-line marketing.

Sponsorship is another way of advertise the image of your business. This
works the same way as classical sponsorship, but is presented on a web

A great marketing tool is the Newsletter - a way to remind people about
your home business. You have to update your newsletter with savings
advertisements, new services offered and comments from satisfied
customers when advertising your home business through a newsletter.
In case your home business is a local one you can advertise in your
local trade magazines and newspapers.

Coupons are always eye-catching for the consumers, so you can include
them in your ad and this would be for sure a key tool in promoting your
home business. Offering a 10 percent discount is always a plus.

Also, holding contests with prizes would catch they eye of a newspaper
or magazine browser. You should consider making the prize a week of free
service or a sales item.

Nowadays you can find everything on the Internet with comprehensive
information on business opportunities, decisions.

Keep your business competitive, save money by using the online business services!
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