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By Ellen Smith

Level: May 31st 2007
Affiliate businesses seem to function almost exclusively through the internet these days. But they have to take into account that outside of the online world may lay huge opportunities also. Certainly, a marketing campaign outside online boundaries may not suit every affiliate, but using some strategies to increase offline traffic may be helpful to their marketing mix. I’ll explain to you just a few of these strategies in the following article. They will help you to determine whether an offline marketing campaign suits your business and then what offline campaigns you should consider if you decided to give one a go.

Is an Offline Campaign Suitable for my Promotions?
First of all, think about what kind of an audience you are targeting. If you consider that an offline campaign will help you to reach your target audience then give it a try. In the case that your audience is general or is not easily accessible through offline methods, just continue to focus your efforts online.

How can I Generate Traffic Offline?
If you think that an offline campaign may work for you, you'll have to choose the suitable methods to reach the targeted traffic to your site. Let’s imagine a case of a potentially successful offline campaign:

Mona is a party planner with a large number of clients. Her specialty is baby showers. She uses her website to generate new customers through SEO and local PPC marketing. Additionally, she participates in a few targeted affiliate programs to increase revenue.

Because Mona regularly keeps in contact with mothers-to-be and their closest friends, she decides to consult with her affiliate manager for KooKoo Bear Kids to arrange an exclusive coupon code. In this way, Mona will propose for people who are coming to a party she plans, an exclusive offer which will increase the number of visitors to her site and determine huge sales at KooKooBear Kids using her exclusive code.

This example mentioned above opens up a way to describe a couple of potential offline methods that have proven successful with affiliates in the past:

Coupon Codes: This is a very popular method offered by many merchants programs for their affiliates. The codes can be offered to the entire affiliate program or on an individual basis. All you have to do is to contact your affiliate manager to find if you can use an exclusive coupon to increase your sales.

Flyers/Print Handouts: Together with a coupon code, flyers and other handouts can be a successful way of promotion. Just select carefully your targeted group and offer them an exclusive discount (stimulate them to search for more and retrieve the coupon code/exclusive link, by visiting your website). Having done these, we're pretty sure the results from your campaign will thrill you.

Radio and Television: If your target can be stimulated by a radio or television program, then don’t hesitate to spend to produce and air a commercial designed to attract new visitors. For instance, more and more affiliates’ sites have TV ads popping up during targeted programming. Keep your message simple and to the point. Also, choose a memorable, easy to spell domain name because you usually have only 30 seconds to get this across!

Magazines and Newspapers: These are two advertising forms that are more affordable. By using them you can increase your trust level and encourage another kind of target to value your business. A trustworthy publication will extend trust in your business.

Billboards, Bus Shelters, etc: Such outdoor advertising methods don’t attract a significant audience. So it’s better to focus your efforts where your message can reach as many potential customers as possible.
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