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By Ellen Smith

Level: Jun 8th 2007

Whether you're an affiliate, selling your own products/services, or a web master who seeks extra income through your web site, you have to take account of the following three aspects:

- good content
- targeted traffic
- high conversion rates

Just use this simple formula to succeed in Internet marketing. All you have to do is to create a web site that includes good contents, increase traffic (especially increase targeted traffic) to your site and convince them to buy your products/services or click the affiliate link. Your goal is to get high conversion rate. But this happens due to a good content followed by increased targeted web site traffic.

Further, I will focus on how to increase targeted web site traffic.

What generates the traffic?

First, you have to know that there’s a difference between traffic and targeted traffic. Let’s presuppose you have a web site about golf tips and one of your keywords is 'golf'. Many people will come to your site using the search term 'golf'. But if they were looking for information about Volkswagen golf they will leave your web site and is a small chance they will come back. The point is that the traffic from the search engine is the combination of targeted traffic and bystanders. But don’t ignore search engine optimization just because of this.

Imagine that you have about 100 hours to invest for increasing targeted web site traffic. Spent 30 hours for search engine optimization and directory listing and the rest of 70 hours try to increase targeted traffic. In other words, you have to make more effort to:

- Get relevant inbound links, and
- Publish your own free articles on the web.

Why would I do this? Just think that your ultimate goal is high conversion rate. In fact, the volume of traffic is not important as long as conversion rate is concerned. Your targeted traffic would be the one who brings you the high conversion rate and therefore more sales. And this happens due to external relevant links and your free articles published in other web master's web page.

Definitely, the volume of traffic driven by inbound link and article is less than that driven by search engine or directory. But it represents a quality traffic (targeted traffic) that is easier to be converted. This is the reason why you should pay more attention to getting inbound link and writing articles.

The significance of getting inbound links

Never think that the more links, the better. Only relevant links to your site theme will work for you. There are two main explanations:
  1. Targeted visitors that came to your site, are more likely be happy with your site and are more likely to accept your product.
  2. The relevant links helps you not only to enter your site in the index of search engine and as a subject of the directory, but also to be on a top position in search engine result page.

The importance of writing articles

Why is it important to write articles? It’s important because there are thousands of content web masters and e-zine publishers that are waiting for them. If you make your article that is related to your site theme freely available for such publishers, they'll attach your article on their web sites or e-zines.

But the targeted traffic is brought to your site by the 'Resource Box'. At the end of your article, give resource box and promote your web site link. The reader will visit your web site as long as your resource box is undamaged. In this way he is part of a highly targeted traffic.
In fact this strategy becomes a win-win situation: the web masters who use your article get what they want and you get the targeted traffic.

So if you want to increase targeted traffic, encourage writing articles. Usually, people are reticent when they hear they have to write. But if you know how to write articles it will be a pleasure, not a hunch on your back. The book of Jim and Dallas Edwards "Turn Words into Traffic" may give you a helping hand.

How to increase targeted traffic

Inbound links are also known as exchange links. The procedure of exchange links includes four stages.

  1. Search a relevant web site
  2. Make a link in your web site
  3. Send an e-mail to the web master of that web site
  4. Wait, wait, and wait.

Instead of this, you can search for a free value-exchange program or concentrate on the quality of the articles. If you choose to register in an exchange program, which is free, you will receive requests from other web masters with quality and relevance sites to exchange links with you.

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