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Imagine taking the world?s oldest, most consistently profitable entertainment industry and delivering it to hundreds of millions of individuals throughout an international marketplace, via the fastest growing telecommunications medium ever known. Undeniably, the Internet is rapidly revolutionizing the way people communicate around the globe. And this is just the beginning. Easy access and worldwide availability assure that Internet use will continue to enjoy explosive growth as more and more individuals turn to the Internet for information, entertainment and commerce. Forrester Research recently estimated that worldwide Internet commerce could reach as high as $3.2 trillion in 2003.

Now, imagine combining the power of the Internet with the profit potential of worldwide casino-style gaming, sportsbook wagering and live, simulcast, pari-mutuel entertainment including thoroughbred and greyhound racing-24 hours a day.

History shows us that gaming, in one form or another, whether sports, dice or chariot races, has been a part of nearly every culture. Today, most Americans now think of gambling not as a vice or an unsavory habit, but as harmless entertainment. Clearly, the merger of gaming with technology is an obvious match destined for success. Momentum has been building for a venture such as this for some time. In the United States, in 1988, only two states had legalized gambling: Nevada and New Jersey. Today, gambling, in one form or another, is legal in nearly all 50 states.

As for Internet-gaming, last year?s revenues exceeded $2 billion (with nearly half coming from sports), and the earliest online sites have only been operating since 1996.

The industry continues to grow as access to and interest in Internet gaming increases. Advances in technology and electronic commerce make it possible to provide a safe, secure and exciting way for people to participate in online gaming from the comfort and privacy of their homes. A recent poll of Internet users indicated that 39% of those polled would patronize online gaming establishments if they believed them to be fair and credible.


Truly a trillion dollar industry, gambling is rapidly becoming an acceptable and exciting part of our society and of our daily lives. Winning lottery numbers are drawn live on television with great fanfare, newspapers post daily odds for sporting events and billboards advertise local gaming establishments. Not surprising really. Gambling has proven to be an enduring human trait and has been considered an exciting form of socially acceptable entertainment for thousands of years. Dice made from carved antelope bone have been found in prehistoric burial caves; the ancient Egyptians wagered on Atep, a guessing game based on number of fingers raised; and the Romans are known to have bet heavily on the outcomes of gladiator fights and chariot races.

In 1988, in the United States, only Nevada and New Jersey had legalized gambling. By 1992, however, casino gambling had been authorized in 23 states, with legalization proposed or pending in many others. Today, legalized gaming, in one form or another, is available in nearly all 50 states. Public opinion in the US toward gaming remains overwhelmingly positive, with an estimated 92% of adults approving of casino entertainment for themselves or for others. In fact, from a financial perspective, legalized gaming in the United States has taken over as the top revenue earner for all forms of entertainment.

It would be short sighted, however, to merely view the gaming industry from a strictly American perspective. Although, in today?s world, public perception of gambling varies between individuals and individual nations, the vast majority of the world views gaming in a positive light. Estimates reflect that upwards of 75% of all gambling revenues are posted outside of the United States. In 1994, legalized gaming was recognized as the highest grossing form of entertainment in the world and it remains so today.

Total gaming revenues exceed total non-gaming revenues received from spectator sports including football, baseball, basketball, hockey and boxing. This includes all sports merchandising, videos, pay-per-view, satellite, TV rights and syndication revenues. Even adding in the recording industry with its concerts, merchandising and copyright revenues, the gaming industry still out-earns them all combined.

Now take a look at sports-related wagering. The authoritative trade publication for the gaming industry, International Gaming & Wagering Business, reported that, in 1996, worldwide sportsbook wagering was estimated at $250 billion. In 1997, in just the United States alone, more than $57 billion was legally wagered, while black market wagers are estimated to have exceeded $130 billion.

Currently the online sportsbook market is valued at over $2 billion and growth projections follow the same trend as for other online gaming markets. The world?s desire to bet on sporting events is as old as sport itself-it?s prevalent and it?s here to stay.


Online gaming sites combine the proven profitability of casino-style gaming with the power, convenience and fascination of modern technology. The initial entrant into computer-oriented gambling was the "video lottery terminal" which, in 1994, took in more money in the US than more traditional lottery games. By allowing people the option of gambling from the security, privacy and comfort of their own homes, online casino operations assure a maximum state of efficiency, convenience and accessibility for its patrons. People can experience the excitement of taking a chance, the thrill of winning and the fun of being with friends while gambling. All this at their convenience, without the hassles of crowded airports, smoke-filled casinos or burdensome travel expenses.

Casinos, lotteries and sportsbooks dominate the new online market, allowing customers with an Internet connection and a credit card to gamble literally anywhere in the world. Most successful services are turning over more than $2 million weekly and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Investment firm Merrill Lynch, estimates Net betting will generate in excess of $76 billion in gross revenues (net of paid out winnings) by 2010, with more than $31 billion coming from online sports betting companies. The potential of the Internet continues to increase on a weekly bases and gambling could be the biggest online business of all.

Profitability projections for Internet gaming are based on the fact that the Internet is undoubtedly a global medium. By the year 2003, experts predict that over 1 billion people around the world will be online. In addition to this dramatic increase in new users, existing users are becoming increasingly comfortable conducting their financial affairs over the Internet. Today, millions of people are eagerly participating in Internet commerce, purchasing goods and services online using their credit cards, overseeing their banking transactions, managing their investments and conducting other financial business. Every day, e-commerce generates $32 million in sales. Forrester Research predicts $3.2 trillion annually in online transactions by 2003.

In so-called "developing" nations, personal computer sales are increasing at twice the current rate of sales in the US. The trend is for consumers to steadily continue acquiring and embracing computer technology and the Internet. This overall increase in computer ownership, access and literacy will translate into a direct and positive impact on the population of Internet users. Most of the citizens of these developing countries have a strong affinity for and a long tradition of gambling, thereby assuring that future revenues of online casinos and entertainment establishments will certainly continue to skyrocket.

People love casino gaming and sports wagering primarily because they are driven by a natural competitive instinct. Betting on their favorite games or their favorite teams is a way of being part of the game, in on the action. With online gaming, a simple point-and-click, allows patrons to participate in this unique modern-day entertainment experience. For those without a computer, local cable companies offer cable modems and soon Internet access: Sony?s WebTVTm already offers Internet through your television set.

The games are designed for players who wish to wager "real" money, but are all available in practice mode; with no money changing hands. Patrons? accounts are 100% insured. Wagers that are placed via the Internet take effect immediately, without delay. Customer?s are given a confidential, password protected account with balances confirmed each time wagers are placed. At the customer?s request, winnings and withdrawals may remain in their account or may be sent directly by wire transfer or cashier?s check.

The casino sportsbook offers an abundance of entertainment options to attract players worldwide. Nearly two dozen popular games of chance, developed in accordance with applicable Nevada Gaming Commission Guidelines, are available for players as well as Internet brokerage of lottery tickets from around the world. From the comfort of their homes or offices, via an online wagering system, site visitors can enjoy the thrill of "real-time" betting lines using live odds fed from Las Vegas and Europe for all major sporting events worldwide.

In accordance with the contracts negotiated by and between technology partners, as technology continues to improve, additional games and events are anticipated that will be added to the Offering Line Up as soon as they are made available.

Datamonitor reports the most successful services are turning over more than $2 million weekly, and online gambling turnovers have the potential to dwarf those of other interactive services, tapping into an existing traditional gambling market valued at nearly $800 billion in Europe and the US alone. This industry is among the fastest growing segments of electronic commerce. Not only can operators offer an ever improving product, but they can offer it to a worldwide audience, around the clock, maximizing profits and resource utilization, taking full advantage of the beneficial cost savings of doing business over the Internet.

1998 Casino & Gaming Business Market Research Handbook stated the Internet gaming market could reach $100-$200 billion in annual revenues by 2005. Clearly, the profit potential offered through this effective marriage of entertainment and technology is staggering.

Through the development of strategic alliances with technology leaders and industry innovators, combined with the intensive technological undertaking required to perfect this innovative business concept, we can assure our commitment to excellence is achieved and maintained. This opportunity represents a viable, exciting, go forward business plan for participation in the interactive gaming industry. There has never been a better time to become a part of this revolution called the Internet. To explore this innovative concept in greater detail, please review the materials included herein.

This brochure is intended to provide you with an overview of this exceptional business opportunity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an account executive.


In today?s fast-paced world can you imagine conducting your personal or professional life without the benefit of a telephone or fax machine? Without television or computers?

It is fast becoming evident that in the near future you?ll find it just as impossible to imagine life without the Internet. Welcome to the 21st Century. Not since the telephone or television has a new technology so revolutionized the world, particularly in the areas of communication, finance, business and management of our personal affairs. The Internet has captured the attention of international business and individual consumers, redefining "community", as we know it. We are now truly, a "Global Village." The Internet. The Information Superhighway. The World Wide Web. Do you know anyone who is not familiar with these terms?

Recent statistics, as reported by Netree, indicate that more than 262 million people currently use the Internet; that figure is expected to double every six months into the foreseeable future. Millions join the ranks of Internet users each and every day. Businesses large and small now include their website addresses on their business cards and in their promotional materials. Predictably, individuals and business people alike now trade e-mail addresses as readily as telephone and fax numbers.

Not only does the Internet provide a fast, efficient, cost-effective global communications system, it serves as continuous global marketing and distribution system as well. Every day, companies bring their messages and product lines to millions of consumers around the world, inexpensively and on demand, around the clock, 24 hours a day. Businesses love it! Consumers love it! It?s easy, convenient, fun and exciting to be a part of this new technology.

It?s even more exciting when you combine it with gambling. More lucrative too. PC Computing magazine has estimated that the US Internet gaming market could reach $20 billion in annual revenues by the turn of the century and according to The Baker Report, "Our projections of Internet gambling revenues of $200 billion domestically and $400 billion in the rest of the world by 2005 is reasonable, even conservative." And The 1998 Casino & Gaming Business Market Research Handbook concurs, predicting the Internet gaming market could reach $100$200 billion in annual revenues by the same period.

From its auspicious beginnings in the late 1960s as a US Defense Department project to the revolutionary marvel it is today, interconnecting people, businesses and computers around the globe, experts agree: the Internet is truly a phenomenon of the modern age, and it?s here to stay.


Imagine millions of people in front of their computers, surfing the net for the latest sports news or gaming reports. An online banner ad "hotlinks" them to the gaming site where, with the "click-through" of a mouse, an online casino sportsbook beckons one and all to step right up and place their wagers. With true-to-life sights and sounds to rival a physical casino, "real-time" betting lines, live "netcasting" of worldclass racing and other pari-mutuel events, coupled with easy online, anytime access, interacting with the site and participating in the gaming experience will be fun, exciting and entertaining.


The sportsbook offers an extensive wagering menu with betting systems established for all major worldwide sporting events. Patrons may select from more traditionally booked sports such as soccer, football, boxing and auto racing, to less universally handled competitions such as German handball and Japanese sumo wrestling. The sportsbook accepts straight wagers, teasers, totals, futures, parlays, propositions, halftime bets, moneylines and more. Patrons are afforded the ability to wager on a multitude sporting events using "real-time" odds feeds from Las Vegas and Europe.

Featured Events: The World Series, The Final Four, The Super Bowl, The Stanley Cup, The World Cup, The World Heavyweight Championship, The Indy 500, The World Rugby Championship, The Kentucky Derby, The Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the Oscars, and more.

The games are about to begin, and as Steve Wynn, head of Mirage Resorts told Time Magazine, "The only way to make money in a casino is to own one." Now is the time to get in on the action and participate in the profits available from the competitive spirits of tens, possibly hundreds of millions of people worldwide.


Zavix Gaming Solutions (Zavix), is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. This subsidiary of iNet Software is widely recognized as an international leading supplier of Internet gaming technology and solutions. Zavix licenses customized, turn-key Internet gaming systems to independent offshore gaming license holders. Zavix is supported by a team of dedicated industry professionals, friendly customer service providers and a 24-hour technical support team. Zavix uses only state-of-the-art technology, offering Internet broadcasting with video compression technologies, post production audio and video departments utilizing the latest in digital technology, and customized database systems for accurate customer account management. A professional graphics design and interactive media department and experienced technical support providers complete the team. Zavix licensees appreciate the power of its integrated network, superior software, custom designed to meet their specifications, and Zavix?s 24 hour support. Zavix will manage your site for you, creating a competitive casino and sports book. Zavix will ensure through it?s own efforts and as contracted with industry players that all critical applications are properly managed and supported on a 24 hour basis. Additionally, Zavix ensures that knowledgeable customer service staff is always available not only through toll free support on the phone, but also through LIVE customer service right online. The live customer service buttons will be placed on your site?s pages giving the convenience to dial-up Internet users, allowing them to stay online to work-out their questions and concerns without the need to make a phone call. Your gaming website will employ a full service Casino and Sports Book that will surpass the competition. Your visitors receive a bonus on top of their deposits as an incentive to play more, and deposit more. On top of that, monthly incentives are e-mailed out on a regular basis ensuring your visitors keep coming back.

Millbarall S.A. is a web development company based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Millbarall S.A. will create the pages for your entire site, the password protected statistics access pages, and all the graphics needed to produce a Casino like atmosphere. Millbarall S.A. is a top notch provider of website design and is unsurpassed by it?s competitors. Your site will be Copyrighted protecting your investment and best interests. Your domain name, (example:, will be Trademarked to protect your ownership of the name. Millbarall S.A. is well positioned and thrives to outperform it?s competition.

Net Site Gaming based in the U.S., is a recognized industry leader having established itself as one of the premier Internet advertising and marketing companies. Net Site Gaming is committed to an aggressive online and offline promotional campaign designed to retain existing site patrons and attract new ones. With a comprehensive advertising and marketing strategy consisting of demographics, market trend and growth analysis combined with e-mail marketing, search engine tie-ins, banner, print and media advertising, Net Site gaming will ensure that your website will be optimized giving you the piece of mind in knowing traffic to your site will never stop as users see your website all over the world.



According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), online advertising generated $8.2 billion in 2000, and Forrester Research estimates that by the year 2004 Internet advertising will reach $33 billion worldwide.

Banner ads remained the most popular form of online advertising, representing 53% of the market, followed by sponsorship, representing

30% of the market. According to a recent study conducted by advertising research firm, AOL and lpsos-ASI, after an initial viewing, consumers are just as likely to remember an online banner ad as they are a television commercial.

Banner ads are small, rectangular boxes that include graphics and text images designed to attract patrons to the site. These banner ads can be strategically positioned on web pages, search engines, etc. They can also be created and displayed as animated clips. They can be placed as paid advertising, commission click-through arrangements or through exchange programs. Potential players simply click on the banner ad and their Internet browser transports them to the site?s home page where they are welcomed and invited to participate in the games.

MARKETING (International/ Domestic)


Banner advertising Newspaper and magazine advertising
Information postings Gaming and Sporting Publications
Click-through site links / search engine tie-ins Sports Radio and television
Online sports reporting
Online chat groups Other Appropriate Venues
Targeted direct e-mail marketing Broad based television advertising
Gaming-industry oriented online reporting Targeted Infomercials services and publication

Prints and Media

Newspaper and magazine advertising
Gaming and Sporting Publications
Sports Radio and television
Prints and Media

Broad based television advertising
Targeted Infomercials
Outdoor Media
Direct Marketing/Mail Plan (International / Domestic)


The Company will ensure that:

An effective bank of phone lines is available to respond to customer needs
Customer service representatives respond to customer inquiries expeditiously using available methods (live operators, facsimile machines, e-mail, etc.)
Opening a customer account is a simple process
A secured authorization code for placing wagers is delivered to all customers
All wagers are authenticated prior to acceptance
Customer accounts are accurately debited or credited according to the outcome of their wagers
Customers receive their winnings expeditiously and as directed All wagering activities are closely monitored and controlled.


The Affiliate/Partners Program is an innovative concept in online banner advertising and click-through technology. It allows licensees and independent webmasters to share in the growth of the Internet gaming end-consumer market. Webmasters of independent websites place banner ads and text links on their web pages in exchange for a commission of 25% of the net win originated from their websites. This partnership marketing strategy is mutually beneficial, costs little to implement and ensures long-term relationships with advertisers, thus generating a steadily increasing number of hits each day. is an independent casino & other gaming affiliate program information website.

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