Optimizing the keywords

Optimizing the keywords
One of the most important things one can do to help his site when it comes to searching is picking the right keywords, yet many neglect this aspect and the site don't receive a good position in the search.

Some effort is required when it comes to choose the perfect keywords or key phrases but the effort will be worth it because the traffic will increase. Don't rush things; read carefully the first page of your site and think what words would describe the content the best. Also ask yourself what words would one use if he would want to find the content your site offers. Write down the words that have answered your questions; all the words because you can edit the list later.

You should use some popular keywords but also to include some less popular words, which may eventually place your page on the top in different searches. Do the same for each of your pages and try to diversify the list for each page. There is no problem if some words are repeated but try not to overdo it.

Once you have selected the keywords use the keyword suggestion tool that Biznizmen recommend to see how often different words have been searched. WordTracker can also help you with this. It is not free but it has a trial period. So combining this software you can estimate the popularity of different keywords and adjust your keywords accordingly.

So depending on the result you can add or remove some keywords. The popular words such as "MP3" or "books" or "computers" should be removed from your list if they exist because the competition for these words is to large and you won't stand a chance. It may sound harsh but even the professionals remove these words.

Eventually switch something related to the words: "books" can become "antique books" and so on. This will boost your site's position. If some words are often misspelled you can use the words in such manner, but this also has a backfire; you might not be taken seriously. The choice is yours in this situation.

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Optimizing the keywords


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