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We've compiled this list of free webmaster resources to help you ensure that you are gaining the maximum value from all of your SEO efforts. It's vital to keep an eye on the many variables that can affect your search engine rankings; these tools will help you to ensure that you're site is getting exposed to as many potential players as possible. All of these utilities can help you to identify what's working for your competitors and help you to evaluate your own performance.
  1. Backlink analyzer
    This tool will not only tell you the total number of backlinks that exist to your sites, but will also give you a breakdown based on Top Level Domains, which allows you to track the relative value of different links in addition to the overall number of links. The Backlink Analyzer also specifically looks at links from blogs, which is a determinant of the overall popularity of your web properties.
  2. Backlink checker
    This Backlink Checker gives you a different way of looking at your backlinks than the tool above. Here, you can create a report that lists all of your backlinks according to their PageRank or IP address. These tools are good for evaluating where you need to put more or less emphasis on to your link building efforts.
  3. Domain Geolocator
    This is a vital tool for any webmaster who is targeting a specific geographic niche. Knowing the location of a domain is vital to your SEO efforts, and is invaluable when building up your search engine rankings in local engines. Search engines measure the location of a domain when evaluating it, you should too.
  4. Web page compare tool
    Content may be king, but duplicate content is not a good thing. Use this tool to make sure that you are not being penalized by the Search Engines for displaying replicated content, or to check if someone is using your content without permission. This tool is also helpful to track the uniqueness of your content across the different pages within your website.
  5. Page optimizer
    This tool is a very useful for giving you a quick snapshot of how your site is doing with regards to the basic do's and don't of SEO. With this tool, you can see hoe your efforts to rank against a specific keyword are performing. This tool notifies you about what you are doing right or wrong based on a number of important variables that will affect your rankings. This tool is especially useful for webmasters who are targeting a specific niche like online bingo, skill games, or backgammon by letting you compare you site against your target keyword phrases.
  6. Google PageRank Prediction
    This is a good benchmark for making sure that all of your SEO efforts are on the right track, and that your PageRank is ultimately headed in the right direction. Keep in mind that this tool is just an estimate, and shouldn't be considered accurate; it's simply a good indicator of future behavior.
  7. Keyword popularity
    The Keyword popularity tool will help you determine what keywords will provide you with the most value. This is just as important if your site targets a broad, generalized audience or if you focus on a very specific niche. This tool draws results from both Overture and Keyword Discovery at the same time, which gives you a broad overview of overall keyword performance in one simple step.
  8. W3C compliance validator
    This tool evaluates your website in respect to it's compliance to W3C Recommendations. If you site is found to be HTML 4.01 transitional, you are also awarded a graphic that you can include on your website.
  9. Domain Age Tool
    The Domain Age calculator accesses the Wayback Machine Archives to tell you the estimated age of a URL. You can also take a peek at what the website looked like when it was first indexed by the Wayback Machine. This tool is not 100% accurate, but it does give you an idea of how old your website is compared to your competitors.
  10. Class C Checker
    Compare different domains based on their IP to determine if they are hosted on the same Class C IP range. This will help you to diversify the hosting of the sites on your network to achieve maximum SEO results, or to help spread out link buys for maximum benefit. This free Class C Checker tool allows you to check if some sites are hosted on the same Class C IP Range.
  11. Browser Screen Resolution Checker
    It's important to remember that not all surfers will se your site the same way that you do. Use this tool to preview how your site appears on screens set to different resolutions so that you can ensure that your site always looks its best.
  12. Online XML Sitemaps Generator
    A free, no-download utility that will automatically generate XML Sitemaps of your Web pages that can be submitted to Google.
  13. Alexa Page Ranking
    Displays Alexa Rankings for many sites at once. You can also upload a text file containing the URLs of domains that you would like to get Alexa rankings for, making this tool invaluable if you need to analyze a large number of websites at once.
  14. Google and Yahoo Rank Position
    This sites provides tools to help you evaluate your Google, Yahoo and MSN rank positions, as well as link popularity and PageRank
  15. Meta Tag Generator
    Use this quick and easy tool to automatically generate lean, effective Meta Tag content for your websites. All that you have to do is fill in a few simple fields and you will be provided with cut and paste HTML code that is optimized for Search Engine Bots.
  16. Similar Page Checker
    Another utility that helps you to determine the similarity of either your site and other sites, or the different pages within your own site. Be sure to aim for the lowest percentage possible to ensure that you don’t get penalized for duplicate content.
  17. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics has rapidly become the industry leader in site analytics - giving paid options such as WebTrends a run for their money. Simply copy and paste a small piece of code onto your web pages and Google offers advanced tracking and traffic statistics for free. To learn more about using Google Analytics, Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing has developed a series of tutorial videos on the subject.
  18. MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog
    For Blogs I have not found a more effective way to drive traffic to a new site than through these two services. By combining social networking with helpful blogging tools, both MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog are making a huge impact on giving new blogs a kick-start to success.
  19. HitTail and 103Bees
    HitTail and 103Bees are similar in nature - they offer site owners a way to understand and analyze their search engine traffic in an easy-to-use interface. Both of them also indicate whether your site was found on the front page of search results, or in the "long tail" of search results (many pages down). This knowledge can then be used to develop content in specialized keyword niches to push your site up in search engine results.
  20. FeedBurner
    For any site that produces content for syndication, FeedBurner is an absolute must for managing and tracking RSS subscribers and republishers. The site offers extremely user-friendly advice with a support staff in the background that has an outstanding reputation for fast and friendly help.
  21. MorgueFile Photos
    Although having a unique and original site is quite important, there are times when everyone needs a photo for a small project that isn’t worth paying for. The Morgue File offers free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use. Usually all that is required is author notification that the photo is being used.
  22. OpenAds
    For sites that want to serve and track advertising, OpenAds is an easy and sophisticated program that can be installed on your server. It even allows for clients to have their own access to the system to see performance statistics, upload new ads, or change campaigns. Even if you don’t sell advertising on your site, OpenAds is a must if you want to track and optimize your own self-promotional efforts site-wide.
  23. The 37Signals Suite
    Although technically not a suite of tools for websites, the 37Signals programs are critically acclaimed as they offer tracking of project management, contact management, group communications and information organization. Any tool that so elegantly increases productivity and makes life easier is well worth mentioning on this list.
  24. WordPress
    If you or your business hasn’t already started a blog, it’s probably my most highly recommended site promotion tool of all. Just the search engine benefits alone are worth the time and effort of starting and maintaining a blog. WordPress is the industry standard blogging platform, and it is both free and easy to use.
  25. Overture Keyword Selector Tool
    For more advanced search engine optimization, it helps to do a little research on what exactly internet surfers are looking for. The Overture Keyword Selector Tool offers insights into the exact number of searches that Yahoo receives for search terms and their related phrases. By understanding what phrases are most common, you can use this knowledge to incorporate the highest volume keywords into your site.
  26. Pew Internet
    The non-profit Pew Internet Project offers highly valuable data, research and statistics on the impact of the Internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life. To understand your target audience better or to pull information for a business plan, this site offers a wealth of insights for savvy web entrepreneurs.

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